Jet Company is a power supply company, member since 2002,. has developed a new alternative energy for 42 years of energy technology, for the XXI century, to protect the climate of chemical gases, which destroys the ecological system and life on earth.

The hot air engine

Generate electricity with a new injection technique.

Engineer and scientist of institute science classic autonomous Qurasoleo international, and the company J.E.T energy I.N.T have developed one of his three innovative patented engine that does not contaminate, zero pollution, that works with cold air injected in plasma, using a new technique that given an amazing result.

The most innovative part of the engine is that the cold air will be injected into an electrical compartment that is under plasma (an intensely high temperature).


Use jet engine technology with other durable alternative energy sources.

See the engine in action behind the scenes.

Alternative Durable Energies

Climate Change Effects

But below the images show how much the chemical gases have done to the atmosphere of the earth, and I congest the cosmic-natural eruption of the sun, which in the 21st century is insentient, more heat to the earth.

Plasma (Aurora) will manifest on the earth and penetrate to the earth's nucleus and take balance in internal atmospheric temperature, the temperature of the surface of the earth and of the sea will increase and create more heat in the earth and will frequently cause volcanic eruption, strong earthquakes , more and stronger cyclones and hurricanes, forest fires, droughts, the melting of the poles and the sea level will rise.

The global warming of the earth in the XXI century, the evolution is taking place at this moment.

November 16, 2017

World Map of the rise of the sea: This will affect global warming to coastal cities.

November 5, 2017

There is an earthquake of magnitude 5.5 in the Caribbean.

November 4, 2017

The melting of a giant glacier in Antarctica could increase the sea level by three meters.

Classical Science Institute and J.E.T Autonomous energy worries.